My artistic endeavors involve the cross-pollination of choreography, dance, performance art, installation, videography, costume design, and collaboration. To actualize my works, I historicize contemporary issues relevant to identity, race, feminism, gender, environmental concerns, and social conformity. My perspective on dance rises above technical practice or aesthetic expression. Instead, it is the embodiment of my heartbeat. Through dance we have the opportunity to transcend our animalistic roots, conditioned behaviors, and social constructs. Performance allows me to imprint ideas and articulate questions through the integration of the physical, intellectual, emotional, energetic, kinetic, and spiritual realms of the human condition.
    My objective is to redefine the way audiences view and engage with art. As an interdisciplinary artist, my work creates channels for a variety of media to become juxtaposed and infused. There is no hierarchy of elements. The dance dimension is only as crucial as the other integral aspects of the installation, including the costuming, stage design, lighting, and atmospheric effects. I create a visual narrative and experiential landscape through which I take the viewer on a meta-aesthetic and transformative journey.
    Inspired by traditions of ritual, I place constructs of social-political power under a metaphorical microscope, and invite audiences to engage in dialogue, and challenge them to respond and take action. Dance becomes a unifying language and force for people of disparate cultures and age groups. My most recent works pay tribute to those affected by the Manhattan Project’s nuclear waste dumpsite in St. Louis's North County. Through my Japanese-American lens, I examine the impact of war and of power through soundscapes, costume-artifacts, and movement that depict the historical context and build-up from Hiroshima to Ferguson. Drawing on my lineage in concert with my deep connection and love for St. Louis, “Tributary” spans time, space, and cultures to reflect on the deeper messages of humanity and future worlds we hope to create. My new works will address and confront issues that afflict humankind on the universal scale, and at the personal and community level in our city of St. Louis. 

Curriculum Vitae


BA in Performance Art, Webster University, Fall 2012

Self-Designed Interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts Major in Performance Art integrating the Dance, Art, Music, and Media Communications Departments

Webster University Thailand, Summer 2011

Modern dance, Improvisation, and vocal performance teacher at Vic Hua Hin, Patravadi Theater Performing Arts School in Hua Hin, Thailand. Performed and choreographed two full-length concerts at the Vic Hua Hin Theatre.

New York University, Summer dance intensive 2009

Studied ballet, modern, choreography, yoga, and company repertory with Ron K. Brown, Gina Gibney, and Robert Battle

American College Dance Festival, 2009 and 2010



2017           St. Louis Art Museum, SLAM Underground, "The Wheel" - Artistic Director, projection, and performance with Blank Generation; St. Louis, MO

2017           Artica, "An Oddly Shaped Pearl: Continuum" performed by the Big Muddy Dance Company Trainee Program - Choreography, costume design, and                                     performance; St. Louis, MO

2017           Artica, "The Wheel" - Live video mixing, projection, and performance with Blank Generation; St. Louis, MO

2017           Foam, "An Oddly Shaped Pearl: Intermission" - Performance and costume design; St. Louis, MO

2017           Kranzberg Arts Foundation, .ZACK, "An Oddly Shaped Pearl: Pt. 1" performed by the Big Muddy Dance Company Trainee Program - Choreography and                               costume design

2017           Jill A. McGuire Gallery, Regional Arts Commission, "R3CLAMATION: Beyond This Threshold" - Installation and performance; St. Louis, MO

2016           L.A. Dance Film Festival, "In the Pines" - Dance for Camera; Los Angeles, CA

2016           Hawn Gallery, Southern Methodist University, "Routes and Roots" - Performance and installation; Dallas, TX

2016           Hoffman LaChance Contemporary, “Inward Quest” - Performance, installation, and costuming; St. Louis, MO

2016           Murmuration Festival, Cortex Innovation Community - Performance and installation exhibition; St. Louis, MO

2016           Mad Art Gallery: St. Louis Reclamation Arts, “Do Not Rush” - Performance and installation exhibition; St. Louis, MO

2016           Touhill Performing Arts Center: Spring to Dance, “Tributary” -  Choreography, costume design and construction, and audio design. A world premiere                                    commissioned by Dance St. Louis; St. Louis, MO

2016           Nebula Co-working: “The Vessel” - Collaborative performance and visual art exhibition; St. Louis, MO

2016           Public Media Commons: “Shifted” - Dance for camera exhibition; St. Louis, MO

2016           St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase & St. Louis International Film Festival: “In the Pines” - Dance for camera; St. Louis, MO

2015           Duet Gallery: “Everything is Different” - Installation, costume design and construction, choreography; St. Louis, MO

2015           St. Louis International Film Festival: “The Gallows,” “Shifted,” and “In the Pines” - Original choreographic works, costumes, and short films exhibited in the                          dance-for-camera-specific showcase; St. Louis, MO

2015           SCREENGRAB6 International Media Arts Award: “Shifted” - Collaborative dance film exhibition; Townsville, Australia

2014           Tivoli Theatre: St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase, “River Memories” and “Shifted” - Premiere of two collaborative dance for camera works; St. Louis, MO

2014           Duet Gallery: “Inter Alia” - Choreography, installation, vocal performance, and collaboration; St. Louis, MO

2014           Kranzberg Arts Center: St. Lou Fringe, “Landslide” - Film, projection, puppetry, and performance; St. Louis, MO

2013           Copenhagen Artist in Residence/St. Lou Fringe: “Pinhole in a Window Shade” - Experimental film installation, live-stream, performance art dialogue;                                    Copenhagen, Denmark

2013           Kranzberg Arts Center: “Sonoptic” - Multi-media performance exhibition; St. Louis, MO

2013           Touhill Performing Arts Center: New Dance Horizons II, “Encounters with the Infinite” - Costume design and construction; St. Louis, MO

2013           Centene Center for the Arts, Artica, RAWartists, and 2720 Cherokee: “Just Above the Floodline” - Performance director, choreographer, performer,                                      installation and costume designer; St. Louis, MO

2013           Centene Center for the Arts: “My Woman Your Woman” - Dance for camera video installation; St. Louis, MO

2013           Leverage Dance Theater: “Seen Unseen” - Site-specific choreographic and collaborative works; St. Louis, MO

2012           Contemporary Art Museum: “Anatomy is Destiny” - Performer; St. Louis, MO

2012           “7 Curses” - Collaborative, multi-media performance art work; St. Louis, MO

2012           Satori: “Viral.” - Video and sound trigger interactive installation; St. Louis, MO


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